Ombrelo is the product of a group of like-minded professionals who united around the ambition to create a unique concept. We develop and produce all-in-one housing solutions, based on a classic container design. Through Ombrelo, we offer an affordable alternative for building truly social communities.

Speed is our motto, from production over distribution to construction. Quality is the backbone of our solution, from the materials we use, to the quality of life for our end-users.

We firmly believe Ombrelo has the potential to make a difference where it really matters. From governments in need of high-volume, scalable housing solutions, to those who are in dire need of an affordable, yet quality home.

Ombrelo gives communities the opportunity to respond effectively when faced with an acute need for affordable, yet quality housing.

No other solution on the market comes even close to Ombrelo’s cost-benefit ratio. Ombrelo brings the dream of home ownership within reach of those in need. What’s more, this quality is solidified in a 10-year warranty on all Ombrelo units.

Affordable pricing without compromising on aesthetics? Ombrelo answers the call. Developed by leading architects, Ombrelo homes are a fine example of contemporary architectural design.

With a capacity to produce up to 500 units per month, Ombrelo offers much more than a drop in the ocean. Getting from initial order placement,

to completed construction on-site takes no more than a matter of weeks. By overcoming the hurdle of overly long production and construction times, Ombrelo paves the way towards short-term, yet large-scale housing initiatives, while our data- driven approach ensures seamless manufacturing, assembly and supply management.

An increased availability of quality housing brings several additional benefits. Improved sanitary facilities have a positive effect on public health. Construction of new homes creates employment opportunities. Besides the direct employment in construction, new communities also trigger secondary employment opportunities, including a rising demand for commerce and services.


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